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Utilizing Technology to Protect Freedom of Expression: Microsoft & the UN Advancing Human Rights | September 28 video

    A highly-anticipated discussion on freedom of expression, this event explores topics such as the most pressing risks to freedom of expression today, the role of business in protecting this right, and the use of technology to promote and protect freedom of expression
    Speakers: Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights; Brad Smith, President & Chief Legal Officer at Microsoft
    Moderator: Alexa Koenig, Executive Director at the Human Rights Center at Berkeley Law

Corporate Climate Action: Strategies to Address Climate Change | September 12 video

    The Center for Responsible Business (CRB) and The Berkeley Energy & Resources Collaborative (BERC) welcome sustainability leaders from Clif Bar, PG&E and Tesla to share how their companies are mitigating carbon emissions and delivering climate leadership
    Speakers: Chris Benjamin, Director of Corporate Sustainability at PG&E; Katie DeWitt, Director of Energy Digital Products at Tesla; Elysa Hammond, Director of Environmental Stewardship at Clif Bar & Company
    Moderator: Mark Lee, Executive Director at SustainAbility

Innovations in Hiring Practices: Encouraging Social Inclusion & Diversity in the Workplace | April 3 video

    A lunch panel discussing better alternatives to traditional hiring practices to create work forces that are not only productive but also socially inclusive and diverse.
    Speakers: Liz Lowe , Innovation Lead for the Sustainability and Social Impact team at Adobe; Virginia Martinez-Martin , Recruiting Head for IDEO SF; Devan Vaughn, Program Manager for Microsoft’s Global Talent Acquisition
    Moderator: Don Moore, Lorraine Tyson Mitchell Chair in Leadership at Haas School of Busines

Fireside Chat with Vincent Stanley of Patagonia | February 2 video

    A fireside chat with Vincent Stanley, Director of Philosophy (aka Chief Storyteller) at Patagonia.
    Speaker: Vincent Stanley , Director of Philosophy (aka Chief Storyteller) at Patagonia
    Host: Sarah Beckman, Senior Lecturer at Haas School of Busines


Corporate Sustainability and Materiality: Strategy, Practice, and Implementation | October 27 video

    How do companies and investment funds implement corporate sustainability in a strategic and material way? This Center for Responsible Business Peterson Speaker Series event dives into case studies and learnings from academia, a company, and an investment fund.
    Speakers: Divya Mankikar, Head of ESG Integration and Investment Officer III at CalPERS; George Serafeim, Jakurski Family Associate Professor at Harvard Business School, Senior Partner at KKS Advisors, Senior Advisor at Calvert Investments; Susanne Stormer, Vice President of Corporate Sustainability at Novo Nordisk
    Moderator: Dan Hanson, Lecturer at Berkeley-Haas Center for Responsible Business, Partner and Head of US Equities at Jarislowsky Fraser Global Investment Management

Partnering With Cities: Inclusive Innovation in the Sharing Economy with Airbnb | April 7 video

    This session explores how the sharing/on-demand economy is reshaping the way we live, work, travel and do business in our cities, and the policy questions that these changes raise.
    Speakers: Kati Schmidt, Strategic Partnerships Manager, Global Policy and Public Affairs at Airbnb; Michael Masserman, Director of Federal and International Government Relations at Lyft; Libby Reder, Fellow at The Aspen Institute's Future of Work Initiative
    Moderator: Greg Nelson, Fellow at The Aspen Institute’s Future of Work Initiative

Leading Human Rights in Business | March 29 video

    Leading companies today understand that they have a responsibility to respect human rights wherever they operate. But who are the people making sure that their companies meet this responsibility? This session explores how business leaders can embed human rights in their companies in ways that advance both business goals and human rights.  
    Speakers: Wilma Wallace, VP of Global Sustainability at Gap Inc.; Dan Bross, Senior Director of Corporate Citizenship at Microsoft
    Moderator: Faris Natour, Director of Human Rights and Business Initiative, Center for Responsible Business at Berkeley-Haas


Hybrid Organizations: Alternative Corporate Structures | December 3 video

    An increasing number of business are choosing to organize in structures not traditional seen in for-profit business, which offer opportunities for them to blur the boundaries between the public, private, and non-profit sectors and achieve greater social impact. These organizations can also be defined as hybrid organizations, enterprises that design their business models based on the alleviation of a particular social or environmental issue, including many benefit corporations (B-Corps) and cooperatives. Hybrid organizations offer an innovative new approach to capitalism and an alternative structure for organizations with goals that extend beyond short-term profits. The B-Corp certification began in 2007 and now includes over 1,300 businesses from 41 countries and over 121 industries. B-Corps and many hybrid organizations pledge to meet stringent social and environmental standards, and acknowledge that long-term sustainability relies on accounting for stakeholder interests.  
    Speakers: Bruce Lymburn (Clif Bar), Vincent Stanley (Patagonia), and Andrew Crane

Sustainable Food Entrepreneurship | October 29 video

    Claus Meyers, Alice Waters, and Will Rosenzweig explore how business can facilitate local movements in sustainable agriculture and food production to democratize healthy food, and how business can be a part of the solution.  
    Speakers: Claus Meyers, Alice Waters, Will Rosenzweig


The Sharing Economy | November 19 video

    Hear Adam Werbach and Andy Ruben speak about their convergent paths to the sharing economy and their insights on driving fundamental change in the private sector.
    Speakers: Adam Werbach, Andy Ruben

Environmentalists in the Boardroom: The Evolving Partnership of NGOs and Business | October 31 video

    This event was co-hosted with the Dean's Speaker Series. Mark Tercek speaks about moving from a career at Goldman Sachs to leadership of The Nature Conservancy, and how in his new role as President and CEO he lead his organization's work in marrying the unlikely bedfellows of environmentalism and capitalism. 
    Specific Key points: 
    • The natural capitalism framework 
    • The evolving role of environmental NGOs
    • Balancing pragmatism and idealism 
    Speaker: Mark Tercek, President and CEO of the Nature Conservancy

William McDonough on “The Upcycle” | April 18 video

    William McDonough speaks about his new book "The Upcycle" in this talk.
    Speaker: William McDonough


The Design Thinking Workshop | February 25 video

    The Design Thinking Workshop introduced participants to design thinking and dive deeper into the "synthesis" phase of the design thinking process. Led by sustainability expert Travis Lee from one of the world's leading design firms, the workshop focused on a campus sustainability issue-- food waste-- and solutions will be considered for implementation at UC Berkeley.