The Future of Finance

Inclusive Innovation Offers an Opportunity for the Financial Sector to Grow and Re-engage with Society

A set of global thought leaders, interviewed by the Center for Responsible Business and global research firm GlobeScan, identify "inclusive innovations" such as shared return investments, financial inclusion, and fostering entrepreneurship as paths for future growth and renewed societal engagement for the financial sector.

The research finds that:

  • Experts agree on the fundamental importance of financial services and their potential to be a positive influence in society.
  • Many experts think the financial services sector could go further and demonstrate that its innovations deliver benefits to the wider society above and beyond their profitability.
  • Financial institutions may need to broaden and deepen their engagement with stakeholders including customers, regulators, and civil society.
  • There is concern that regulatory action has been slow and indecisive since 2008—and not always directed at the most important drivers of the financial crisis.
  • New financial regulation should prioritize consumer protection, management of systemic risks, and global coordination.

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