Lisa Goldberg

Lisa Goldberg

Co-Director Consortium for Data Analytics in Risk and Adjunct Professor of Economics and Statistics, UC Berkeley Director of Research, Aperio Group

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Lisa Goldberg is Co-Director of the Consortium for Data Analytics in Risk & Adjunct Professor of Economics and Statistics at UC Berkeley. She is a Founding Partner of Berkeley Associates LLC, which provides consulting services in risk management, financial economics and statistics. She is also the Director of Research at Aperio Group LLC, a Sausalito-based wealth management firm.

Lisa is an internationally known researcher with more than 45 publications in peer-reviewed journals.  She is the co-author of Portfolio Risk Analysis (Princeton University Press, 2010) and an inventor on five patents.  She serves on the Editorial Boards of the Financial Analysts Journal and the Journal of Investment Strategies, and she is on the Academic Advisory Board of MIT’s Consortium for Systemic Risk Analytics.